2xRheinfelden July/August 2020

The time their art
First, I would like to say that I am very sorry for everyone affected by COVID-19, both economically as well as in terms of health.
However, I would like to try, as far as possible, to draw something positive from this situation.

It is really a pity that so many events have been cancelled or postponed. I miss the art fairs, vernissages or museum visits without distance «paranoia», not because of the artworks, but because of the people. But we can be happy that we live TODAY. Thanks to the digitalization, we have access to an incredible amount of things. Instead of the cancelled Open House in Basel, I was virtually at the Open House in Rosario, Argentina, my hometown. This would not have been possible before. Nor is it likely that I would have been in town for the occasion.

It is an opportunity to develop new models. Bringing new ideas to life. It is always said: «When you have everything, you don’t have to think about anything new.» Some things are no longer possible at the moment. We have to think about how to do something nice out of this situation. Man becomes inventive. As for example the neighbours of Im Kunzental in Rheinfelden, who during weeks held mini-concerts at 6 p.m. every day.

It’s a time to think: Which of all the things, that are no longer possible at the moment, are really so important? Isn’t it a liberating feeling to realize that especially material objects are no longer so necessary? We can live with much less. We identify what is necessary. The consumption mania is currently out of place.

As an artist, I enjoy this time, pulling the brakes and letting myself being inspired by this extraordinary constellation.
I also see the situation of many fellow artists in Spain. Especially in the cities, the flats are not big, have small rooms and maybe a smoking balcony. The social life usually takes place on the street. For about two months there was a lockdown. Many artists report that art helped them in these difficult times not to freak out; they got more creative, a lot was produced. But many of them live exclusively from tourism, because the Spaniards are still digesting the financial crisis. This means only income from online sales until the situation normalizes. And also after that, who knows…

Nevertheless, when I read that in the channels of Venice the water looks cleaner, or that in Mar del Plata (Mallorca of the Argentines) sea lions take control of the otherwise overrun port city, I see the positive effects of the pandemic.

Perhaps the coronavirus is a signal to ask ourselves: does it really make us happier when we run like crazy around the world?

And one last thought: let us show solidarity, let’s think of the other, protect yourself, protect yourselves, let’s all protect one another.

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