Art and architecture in Rheinfelden

A project of Rheinfelden city

Art in public spaces

Pieces of art are contemporary witnesses; they are reflections of the respective cultural policy, the spirit of the time and the understanding of art. After 6 years, it was time to revise the first map of art of the city. In addition to sculptures, statues and stained glass windows, paintings and buildings are now also listed. Some objects have been in their places for decades, others were just recently added; some are part of the cityscape, others are hardly consciously noticed; pieces of art by «amateurs» are just as present as those by (locally, regionally and world-) renowned artists; and there is art to discover not only in the old town, but also outside the city walls.

The city map «Art and Architecture in Rheinfelden» contains a subjective selection, without wanting to make an art-historical assessment and without taking into account urban planning or spatial design aspects.

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