concretismo abstracto

Abstraction: perhaps a complex from childhood that made me reject realism and turn to abstraction. However, I am too structured; I need well-defined limits.

Recycling: a term I coined as my own long ago. Over the years the question arises, as an artist, what to do with so many works that do not have a lucrative outlet.

Minimalism: a concept that has been with me for a long time. Perhaps the reason is that, as an immigrant, I had to leave many things behind and ended up realising that they were not so important. Then came Covid and with it I reconfirmed that it is possible to live with less. «Less is more», as the saying goes.

The project ABSTRACT CONCRETISM represents my being today:

I return to painting, after a period of collages. I continue with abstraction, but I define concrete limits.

I recycle old works: why not? What for some may be frowned upon, is nothing more and nothing less than the reality of many artists. Works that had their moment of glory but decided not to abandon the artist, go through a stage of transformation and are repainted. This gives the work a special character, as if it can tell its own story. My work may seem minimalist, as I generally use few colours and the goal is to achieve an effect with few elements. However, the work involved in achieving such an effect is not minimalist.