«Open studios» open their doors

NEUE FRICKTALER ZEITUNG (Newspaper of Frick valley, Switzerland)
Text: Nadine Freiermuth

Visit to studios of extravagant nature (excerpt)

That there is still a lot to see, was clear the past weekend.
For example, the artists Bettina Costa, Michaela Wehrlin-Bieli and Roy-Andres Hofer invited on Friday evening the public to a visit of extravagant nature: in their PILE UP studios at the Habich-Dietschy-Strasse in Rheinfelden, they showed their art in a mix of gallery, party and living environment and the initially stunned visitor found himself standing in the living room of the artist, a glass of prosecco in the hand, again – no longer capable of distinguishing an installation from an everyday object.
Roy Andres Hofer, with music played by a DJ, showed in his rooms – including his bedroom – his neon installations, while Bettina Costa presented her oversized acrylic paintings and Michaela Wehrlin-Bieli made room for the alienation of her rooms.

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