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At this year’s Art Market Budapest (Contemporary Art Fair) we followed tango steps ascending the wall, found a metal Jesus, and discovered that Hungarian buildings moving under the glass-sealed works of a Scottish photographer. We did a tour through the art fair, opened from 11 to 14 October, and we show you what we would take home.

Zsuzsa Borbély , Ádám Szabó , András Várhegyi 11.10.2018. 8.55

Tango school
The basic tango steps painted on the streets of Buenos Aires served as inspiration for Bettina Costa’s installation: carpet-made footprints placed, due to lack of space, on the wall. The first installation was painted in Switzerland, exactly 11255 km away from the artist’s home country. Then followed other street and a lawn version. The work also has a musical component: from under the paving stones sounds Tango. For 200 euros only the footprints are included, not the installation itself; that means that the buyer is free to place the pieces himself. But then, he must not forget to change the music.

Tango school (Photo/Source: Kaszás Tamás/Fidelio)

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